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Pirates Online

Remember that 3D pirate themed anime MMORPG inspired by One Piece? Its’ publisher IGG discontinued the game on February 29, 2016. I’m aware that not every One Piece fan might have heard about or played this game, but either way, the good old Tales of Pirates has been brought back as Pirates Online, so those who are not familiar with ToP, now is your chance.

Pirates Online – Teaser (Tales of Pirates)

The good old Tales of Pirates is coming back!Are you ready to reminisce the memories?Official opening: December 26th 2017Beta testing: December 19th 2017Discord: https://discord.gg/VQDCRBB#piratesonline #talesofpirates

Posted by Pirates Online on Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Pirates Online offers four characters, where each one is attributed with a  basic class like Swordsman, Hunter, Herbalist and Explorer that can later progress into specialized classes like Champion, Crusader, Sharpshooter, Cleric, Seal Master and Voyager. Other cool key features are:

  • Building and customizing ships – set sail on a ship made by you and travel between islands, fight sea monsters and complete other tasks
  • Pet System – Acquire and equip up to two fairy pets to boost your stats and help you in battles.
  • Guild System – Pirates or Marines, the choice is yours
  • Bounty System – Not 100 % sure that it’s there, but definately should be 🙂

All these features together with the anime and pirate-theme gives us somewhat One Piece feel to it, but if this wasn’t enough, then perhaps seeing Luffy in the game will do 😀

Official website: https://pirategames.online/

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