One Piece Room

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Create A Stunning One Piece Room

Have you ever wished when you were a child to have your room designed with themes from your favourite anime shows or video games? Sure, many of us did. I still remember when I had posters from Playstation and Nintendo gaming magazines all over my furniture and walls.


Imagine how much happiness you could bring to your offsprings by making them such a room. The room will be cheerful and colorful, your kids are going to love it and not just them I think. I mean, there nothing wrong in having your bedroom, living room or work room filled with characters and items from One Piece. You can also add nautical, navy and pirate feel to your room design.

Combinations are endless, it depends on your imagination really and how much you’re willing to spend to make your perfect One Piece room. Even if you can’t afford to have everything you would like from the start or don’t have the exact idea how it will look like, worry not, add bit by bit and eventually you will have your One Piece themed room set up in place. Rome wasn’t built over night and most things in our lives require systematic work, even becoming the Pirate King starting in a fishing boat  🙂


Products that you might want when creating One Piece room

So what are you going to need when filling up your One Piece room. Well, first of all I would suggest wooden floor or at least floor covering that resambles wood. Second, have enough space on your walls, for One Piece stickers, paintings, wallpapers etc. About furniture like boat bed from the pictures, unfortunately I don’t know how to get this bed, but we can make your childrens regular bed look also very cool with our wide range of selected items starting with One Piece bedding.

One Piece Bedding

One Piece Wallpapers, Wallstickers, Paintings etc.


One Piece Lamps & Clocks


One Piece Action Figures


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