Gear 4th Snakeman Luffy vs Katakuri [One Piece Chapter 895 Spoilers]

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Luffy’s Gear 4th Snakeman Form Finally Revealed [One Piece Chapter 895 Spoilers]

Gear Fourth Snakeman Luffy vs Katakuri



Katakuri comments that Luffy looks somewhat different in his Snakeman form, and he’s a little slimmer than traditional Gear fourth and Luffy’s like “Yeah, I’m a lot of quicker than before!”. Katakuri who can’t work out how Luffy’s able to hit him despite his dodging. It’s as a result of Luffy’s exploitation of his new ability to bend his arms at totally different angles, sort of like a snake. This can be known as “Python”.

Katakuri tries to maneuver, however Luffy is in a position to even speed up his stretching and he hits Katakuri with a “Jet Culverin”. Katakuri transforms his arm into a mace with spikes and strikes Luffy significantly hard, however Luffy only complains about being hungry.

They’re trading blows for a moment, and Luffy hits Katakuri with “Black mamba. It’s essentially a high speed Gatling.

“I’ll make this easy and end it, straw hat!”

“Nah thanks!! Gomu Gomu Nooo…”

At this time they’re both clearly out of breath, both looking very painfull. There’s an enormous explosion, however the victory isn’t clear.

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Gear 4th Snakeman Luffy vs Katakuri [One Piece Chapter 895 ENG]



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