Cafe Mugiwara
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Cafe Mugiwara

Cafe Mugiwara is the one and only ONE PIECE themed library cafe where customers can relax and enjoy a meal while reading books. More than 600 books related to ONE PIECE from the world have been collected at the Cafe Mugiwara. The cafe also offers take-away!

Cafe Mugiwara Location

Adress: Tokyo Tower Foot Town 1F 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Cafe Mugiwara Menu

Just some of the delicious food and beverages that are being served at Cafe Mugiwara 🙂

Reading manga in a public library is very relaxing, there can be music playing in the background, you can sink in a comfortable chairs, slow down the pace and forget about the world, except usually library lacks “the cafe” part, but here the cafe is not just cafe, it’s basicly restuarant as well, therefore I find the Cafe Mugiwara to be quite original in that aspect and I would even say it would work Europe too.

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Poznan, Poland
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