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One Piece Shop “Mugiwara Store”

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Mugiwara Store

It’s truth that One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga series to-date  :hearteyes:  From its iconic characters to its clever storyline and awesome soundtrack, many people are loving the series and like to surround themselves with everything that is ONE PIECE. n_n  So, if you consider yourself to be a OTAKU and ONE PIECE fanatic, then Mugiwara Store is the store for you!  /^_^/


Mugiwara  ( literally meaning “Straw Hat”) is located on the 6th floor of Shibuya Parco in Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan.


Taiwan has become the second market after Japan to have a Mugiwara Store and then another one opened in Thailand.




Make sure to visit Mugiwara Store when you’re in Tokyo, Taipei or Bangkok. Another One Piece attraction worth mentioning is One Piece Tokyo Tower, but I’ll create diffrent post about it /^_^/ For now you can now start loading your shopping bag with all your favorite ONE PIECE items at our ONE PIECE merchandise Mugiwara Store InternationaloAo There are character plushies, toys, clothing, home decor, action figures etc. Maybe you can pick up a few things for your closet with ONE PIECE clothing, or you you will find to fancy One Piece clock on your wall or better, have entire wallpaper in One Piece characters And whether you’re into novelty items like stickers or a die-hard fan to invest in luxury ONE PIECE items, Mugiwara Store has it all!  /^_^/  Enter BELOW






















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